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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Players enter the game in game year 1988.

Earth - early 21st century - The "Ark Royal," a colony ship built by "V" leaves Earth. Nuclear war breaks out.

1893 - Maf - The Ark Royal crashes onto the planet Maf - a huge rocky (terrestrial-like) planet. The "Original Colonists" (the passengers aboard the Ark Royal) estimate local technology at approximately the late 1800's of Earth.

There is an unexplained coincidence; inhabitants of the planet recognize the current year as 1893.

1893 - 1901 - The "Original Colonists" led by members of the Jones family, build and expand their city, "Jonesboro" on a peninsula of the country of Peplle (pronounced 'Pep-lay').

1901 - 1920's - The "Original Colonists" using their clandestine aircraft, scout the ocean shores hundreds of miles north and south of Jonesboro and several hundred miles inland.

The Original Colonists expand inland discovering several new nations and penetrating to a great river which intersects the continent.

Scientists of the group consider the theory of "parallel development" to explain the coincidences in technology, dates and customs of the inhabitants of Maf with that of Earth in the same period.

There was even a World War One on the continent which broke out in 1914.

1927 - Perold Jones, 30 years old, resisting college or other formal education, is discontent. A member of the "Fellow Associates" - the secret organization that is behind the operation of the Jones' LMT Corporation, Perold resigns from the "Fellow Associates" and knits together an expedition to reach the opposite shore of the continent.

1927 - 1935 - Perold Jones and his exploratory expedition travel across the huge continent, discovering and establishing trade relations with many countries and founding several "ranch-states" in their wake. A "ranch-state" is a privately-owned but sovereign piece of land.

1935 - 1937 - Perold Jones builds 3 huge seaplanes to travel across the Sharmarin Ocean. In 1937 he reaches a group of islands far west and far north. He has discovered the Janastian Islands governed by the country of Janast. The islands are enjoying a rare few years of peace; usually, they are in a state of internecine warfare with each other.

1937 - "Home" - Upon discovering the islands, Perold changes his last name to Jonas, establishes residence within Janast, and enrolls in Janast's famous "Durin College of War."

1939 - Main continent - The Empire to the south, impinges on territories the Republics of Waon consider exclusively their own bringing both to war. World War Two plunges the continent into war.

The scientists of the "Original Colonists" scratch their heads at this new unexplained coincidence with Earth.

1941 - Jonas graduates from college and enters the Janastian Army as a Lieutenant.

1945 - On the main continent, technology, fueled by the war, advances sharply. The war ends in three atomic explosions in the Republics of Waon as Imperial troops advance to within a hundred miles of its borders.

1941 - 1964 - Several wars between the Janastian islands occur. Jonas' exemplary conduct and leadership earn him the respect of military command as several politicians begin tracking his accomplishments.

1954 - A force led by Colonel Perold Jonas defeats enemy forces of the nation of Combin. A period of warfare begins between Janast and Combin.

1963 - General Jonas is recruited by a political party to run for President of Janast. He wins and takes office in 1964.

1940's - 1970's - Back on the main continent, the "Original Colonists" have consolidated their gains, establishing several "ranch-states," creating trade agreements between their nations and Jonesboro and with the powerful Empire (Empire of Xanydeo and Xanthus) to the southwest, the "Northern United Nations," (NUNE), which is what the Colonists call the group of nations to the north of the continent and the "EUN" (Eastern United Nations), the group of nations on the eastern part of the continent.

The central area of the continent is desert, plains, jungle and forest with great lakes, mountains, canyons and forests. Although most of this area is inhabited, the huge scale of the planet leaves plenty of room for the Colonists to claim large sections of this area for themselves.

1967 - Janast - Jonas loses election to a member of the "Peace-Progressives Party" of Janast.

1968 - 1971 - Jonas establishes the Janastian Warhawks, secretly recruiting members of the standing military and diverting funds from various sources to build his own military force in groups of tunnels beneath the islands.

1971 - Janast - Jonas wins a second term as President and begins rebuilding Janast's military which had been "deconstructed" by the Peace-Progressives who claimed that the size of Janast's military was seen as a threat by Combin. The military was just one third of its previous size when Jonas assumes office in 1972.

December 24, 1973 - Combin/Janast - A huge attack by Combin against Janast will eventually ignite the whole planet into World War Three.

1976 - Jonas, hoping to stem the advance of Combinese troops utilizes a desperate ploy - he orders a nuclear strike upon Combinese military forces in the nation of Fainbrotair on the islands. 2/3 of Combin's military is destroyed. 6 million Fainbrotair civilians are killed. But, the remaining Combinese forces occupy Janast. The remaining Warhawks take to the mountains conducting a guerrilla campaign against Combin.

Down to just 323 members, the Empire conducts a rescue of the Janastian Warhawks, with a huge submarine. Three months later the sub arrives at Kila Vas. The 323 members of the Janastian Warhawks begin training millions of troops in Kila Vas.

Combin occupies Janast. The islands are renamed the Combinese Federated Islands and enter an era of extended peace. The rest of the world is at war.

1984 - Peace. The Desert Empire, initiator of World War Three on the main continent, declares a ceasefire which Jonas & Helvatica (representing the allies) accept. Lt. Gen. Helvatica was a lead commander of the Warhawks who left Janast with Jonas.

1984 - 1987 - The Desert Empire breaks its own ceasefire and then establishes a new ceasefire only to break that also, over and over again.

In 1987, the combatants of both sides are exhausted. A final blitzkrieg launched by Jonas, splitting the northern part of the Desert Empire nearly in two, brings World War Three to a final close.

On this continent, and over a portion of the planet, except for the Combinese Federated Islands (now quiescent since 1976), the war has lasted 11 years. 1 billion people have died, 2 and a half billion are injured, entire countries have disappeared while new ones have formed.

1987 - The LMT Corporation of Jonesboro "discovers" anti-gravity.

1987 - 1991 - Zambetq - a member of the Northern United Nations. The Communist Party of Zambetq, taking advantage of the weakened state of the world's politician's, military and economies assumes control of Zambetq. Over the next few years, through intimidation, assassination, coercion and the occasional military excursion, Zambetq forces most of the NUNE under its control.

1989 - LMT Corporation transfers headquarters from Jonesboro to Kila Vas.

1991 - From Kila Vas, capital of Helvatica, Jonas launches the first space assault in history against Zambetq. He is successful. NUNE returns to separate states, most with representative democratic governments.

1991 - Also in 1991, Jonas attains military victory over Araha on a distant continent, ally of the Desert Empire during WW3.

1994 - Helvatica wins a war against the Belion Pact.

1995 - Victory over Bluatan.

1996 - Jonas retires.

1999 - 2001 - Jonas recalled to lead the fight against the Viachon Empire. Victory after the Third Viachon War. Jonas retires again.

1991 - 1999 - Kila Vas explodes through an era of peace, invention and trade across the planet. The population doubles and doubles again. Inflation soars as does the crime rate.

["first contact" occurs here somewhere, I'll need to find the notes]

1999 - Under pressure from Kila Vas, over 300 nations of the continent agree to establish the New World Maf Government, with a capital of Kila Vas. Jon Medaris will become first leader of the new state.

Jon Medaris started World War Three, but, since it ended in 1987, he has been living in Kila Vas and conducting a massive public relations campaign of his "reformed" nature.

World War Three killed 1 billion people and decimated a quarter of the planet, but apparently, all is forgiven as,

2000 - January 1 - Jon Medaris assumes "Coordinator" (Chief of State) of the New World Maf Government, (NWMG). The Fellow Associates of the LMT Corporation, outmanuvered by Medaris, immediately begin a campaign of opening trade ties with off-planet races.

2000 - 2001 - Forces arise as the Fellow Associates of LMT as well as enemies of Medaris and others with their own agendas begin stirring trouble throughout the NWMG.

1994 - 2001 - Space exploration takes off as inventions expound. "First contact" with an alien race is made.

2004 - The New World Maf Government is in trouble. Edicts from Kila Vas obliviate the traditions and culture of some of the far-flung states of the NWMG. By 2004, many states are in open revolt against Kila Va, no longer following the laws or edicts passed by the central government.

High tension exists between several states, civil war seems imminent.

2004 - 2005 - Led by Perold Jonas and Ravel Magrep, an economist from the Empire, a solution is wrung out for the current crisis.

2005 - Jonas once again recalled for war against IFTR. Peace deal cements victory for Kila Vas.

2005 - A solution to the world political crisis is presented by Jonas and Magrep, the states agree. A plebiscite will be held in each state. Each state will decide whether or not to become part of a new interplanetary state or return to independent, sovereign status.

November, 2005 - All but 4 countries plus Kila Vas (Helvatica) choose independence.

2006 - January 1 - MACOFS is born. Kila Vas is capital and 20 off-planet states also join to form the first interstellar nation. Shlumbaq Eriko assumes position as first Coordinator of the new government.

2010 - Irinn War ends in victory for MACOFS.

2006 - 2020 - Massive growth of MACOFS' Starfleet, several interstellar wars and high technology pushed by LMT and other Kila Vas megacorporations firmly cement MACOFS as the dominant military and economic power in known space.

The Empire of Man, centered on old Earth, realizes the military dominance of MACOFs and chooses peace over war, at least for now. But several of the Empire's warlords may have different plans.

2 billion light years away, the aggressive Denagatha Empire makes contact with MACOFS, but MACOFS TimeLords travel back through time to convert the Dengatha Empire into a mostly pacifist regime.

2016 - David Jones, campaigning for Coordinator of MACOFS, requests his retired uncle - President-General Perold Jonas, to head up the MACOFS Department of Defense if he (David) should win the election.

Jonas, aboard his private starship, and about to head out to deep-space, reluctantly agrees.

2016 - Janast - Jonas, representing the Janastian Warhawks, meets with representatives of the CFI (Combin) - the Combinese Federated Islands, to sign a peace treaty between Combin and the Janastian Warhawks, ending a technical 40-year long state of war between the two states.

By this time, the Janastian Warhawks have grown into one of the most powerful of all military forces. With 17 million troops and thousands of tanks, aircraft, spacecraft, starships, planetary assault equipment and exotic weapons of all designs and degrees, the Janastian Warhawks have fought dozens of wars over the past 40 years, both for themselves and as mercenaries for other powers, winning all. They have honed their warfighting capabilities to a high degree and most states rightfully respect their military prowess.

2017 - War against the Wrynhout Empire. MACOFS wins.

2017 - November, David Jones wins the election.

2017 - 2018 - Empire of 4 Galaxies War. Victory for MACOFS.

2018 - January - David Jones becomes the next Coordinator of MACOFS, leader of the greatest power in existence. Jonas assumes office as Executive Director of the Department of Defense. In protest (because of his sordid past (the atomic strike against Fainbrotair which killed 6 million civilians)) (Jonas, over much controversy, had been pardoned by Jon Medaris in 2004), several thousand officers of Starfleet resign their commissions.

Mid-2018 - Jonas, as Executive Director and now Chief of Starfleet Operations (CSFO), observes a planetary assault upon a world of the Wrynhout Empire by the Planetary Assault Command of the Empire led by General Tammi Li Akarin. Jonas falls in love.


Police and Crime Act - creates "Free Zones" - reduces crime in Kila Vas to near zero. Trade, wealth and population explode (again) as a result. The 14 Free Zones of Kila Vas are established as locations without law (or taxes). But local authorities in most Free Zones establish some form of local policing. Many also introduce some modicum of taxation to provide for necessary public services.

"Peacekeepers," introduced as part of the Police and Crime Act, keep the peace in Kila Vas and form the Kas-Do - the first sapient AI "race." The Kas-Do then form the "World Order," a political party.

The World Order owns Systems Design - a starship construction company - that builds 80% of the starships in use in the KVUSOI (Kila Vas Universal Sphere of Influence) - which includes all of MACOFS plus all of Snickers and some independent states in the Milky Way and Confluence region.

April Computer Systems, also owned by the World Order, quickly acquires 80% of the world (not KVUSOI) computer market. Computron, owned by LMT and Desco Computers, owned by Desco, a megacorporation owned by Jon Medaris, (Desert Empire Services Company - Desco), reestablish control over 70% of the KVUSOI computer market.

The World Order also owns "Galaxy" - an internet & quantum-field based news and information service.

High inflation is brought under control through high taxes and a cessation of the money printing presses introduced under an act formulated by Jonas and Magrep. A short, but harsh, Kila Vas recession sets in. The continent and several other states around the planet plummet into an economic "winter" - a depression. In Kila Vas, both are short-lived as the economy roars back to life in Kila Vas after less than a year. Around the world, other economies average a year to pull out of the depression.

Monetary growth is indexed to GDP growth through this act. The act also requires that 80% of all taxes collected be reinvested into the economy. As income grows through investments and funds government expenditures, the Act requires taxes be reduced commensurately. Under Magrep, investment returns sometimes exceed 1000% in one year.

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