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Affiliate Programs Available

Get Up to 100% for Each Sale Below That

You Sell Through Your Link

Make 5% More Each Sale by Selling Through Your Own Kick-butt Webpage, YT channel, Blog, etc.

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DFY Passive Income - 20% Commission

Game License - 15% to 100% Commission

Game Development License - 7.5% Commission 

Helvatica Dollar - 20% Commission

Helvatica Luminary - 15% Commission

Small City License - 30% Commission

Stellar Kredit - 20% Commission

YUSD/ Yagarin Union - 30% Commission


Using Your Channel

To use your own webpage, blog or channel to get paid in our Affiliate Program, your channel must be PG-rated, high-quality, professional-looking and have links to our Home Page, Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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