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Antigravity Unleashed - Chronicles
ASSC Unleashed - Chronicles
Asteroid Ambush
Aurora Abyss
Beneath the Colonel's Banner - Chronicles
Beyond the Event Horizon - Captain
Black Hole Breakout
Building the Future - Chronicles
Casino of Secrets
Cave of the Whispering Winds
Celestial Exodus
Champions or Debt - Sports Team Owner
Chronicles of the Cosmic Nomad
Chrono Complex
City of Vice and Virtue - Chronicles
Close Encounters - Chronicles
Colonel's Gambit - Chronicles
Colonel's Resolve - Chronicles
Colonel's Retribution - Chronicles
Colonel's Stand - Chronicles
Colonel's Vendetta - Chronicles
Conflict Resurgence - Chronicles
Contractor's Conquest - Chronicles
Cops and Robbers - Chronicles
Corporate Conquest - Warrior, Corporate
Corporate Machinations - Business
Cosmic Anomalies
Cosmic Conundrum
Cosmic Frontier
Crime Boss Chronicles - Chronicles
Crimson Conspiracy
Crisis at Icebound Station
Crisis on Orbital Outpost Omega
Critical Choices - Surgeon
Cursed Catacombs
Cybernetic Caper
Dark Depths - Miner
Darkness On the Hills of Dawn
Debunking Greer - Earths
Decision at Andahar
Desert Mirage - Chronicles
Desert Space Race - Chronicles
Dinosaur Dominion
Dinosaurs of Destiny
Double-Crossed - Criminal
Drone Warfare Strategy - Chronicles
Echoes of a Forgotten War
Echoes of Atlantis
Echoes of Eternity
Eclipsed Enigma
Economic Titans of Kila Vas - Chronicles
Elegance on the Edge - Fashion Designer
Empire Builders: Kila Vas - Chronicles
Enth's Enigma
Eon's Legacy
Escape from the Cybernetic Asylum
Factory of Dreams - Chronicles
Faith's Trial - Televangelist
Fall of the Emerald Bridge
Family Ties - Chronicles
Family Ties: Gangland Chronicles - Chronicles
Fast Eddy's Freedom
Field of Healing - Combat Medic
Finding Jesus - Earths Hidden
Foundations of Fortune - Chronicles
Frontier Survival - Colonist
Frontiers of the Uncharted Galaxy - Explorer
Fueling the Future - Chronicles
Galactic Ambitions - Empire Builder
Galactic Archaeology
Galactic Conflict - Chronicles
Gift of the Dragon
Global Peacekeepers - Chronicles
Grand Illusion
Guardians of Prosperity - Chronicles
Harvest of Shadows - Agriculturalist
High Seas Showdown - Chronicles
How Does a Skunk Work - Earths
Immigrant Fortune Heist - Chronicles
Infiltrating the Aether Syndicate
Inheriting Ambiguity
Innovation or Ruin - Industrialist
Interstellar Exodus
Jessup's Legacy
Kila Vas Chronicles
Kila Vas Chronicles: City of Wonders
Kila Vas Redemption - Chronicles
Laissez-Faire Prosperity - Chronicles
Legacy of the Colonel - Chronicles
Legacy of the Tides - Fisher
Lost in the Dreamer's Maze
Mind Over Mechanism
Mr. Cawthorne's Dilemma
Mysteries of the Mirage - Illusionist
Mysteries of the Obscure Jungle
Nanotech Nemesis
Nanotech Nightmare
Nebula Negotiations
Neon Noir
Northern Crisis - Chronicles
Opening Night Chaos - Actor
Operation Clean Slate - Chronicles
Operation Dark Veil - Special Forces
Orbital Odyssey
Outbreak Emergency - Doctor
Oyster Shell Quest
Peace on a Knife's Edge - Chronicles
Peacekeepers Unleashed - Chronicles
Pipeline Redemption - Chronicles
Pirate's Plunder
Pixel Pioneers
Power Play - Chronicles
Presidential Dilemma - President
Psionic Paradox
Psionic Pioneers
Quantum Quandary
Race to the Stars - Chronicles
Ransom Rescue - Chronicles
Reconstructing Dreams - Chronicles
Rising Tensions - Diplomat
Roger's Rural Rotgut Remedy
Roswell - Earths
Sacred Quest - Evangelist
Sailing Crossroads
Secrets of the Celestial Codex
Sentinel of the Skyscrapers - Chronicles
Serendipity Shores
Shadows of Deception - Thief
Shadows of Power - Gangster
Shadows of the Black Market - Merchant
Shadows of the Syndicate - Crime Boss
Shadows Over the Enchanted Woods
Silicon Shadows - Cyberneticist
Sky's Eye - Drone Operator
Smiley Sent Me
Starnation Exodus
Starnation Standoff
Starnation Struggle
Steampunk Skirmish
Stellar Diplomacy
Stellar Engineering - Engineer
Stellar Gravitation
Stellar Odyssey: Equator's Edge
Stellar Salvage
Stellar Skies - Pilot
Storm of the Warhawks - Chronicles
Street Justice - Chronicles
Submerged Secrets
Temporal Nexus
Temporal Tumult
The Alchemist's Enigma
The Alchemist's Legacy
The Arcane Eclipse - ArchMage
The Artifacts of Antiquity
The Assassination of Jesus Christ - Earths Hidden
The Assassination of JFK - Earths
The Astral Voyager
The Bequest
The Billion Dollar Smokeshop
The Bodyguard's Burden - Chronicles
The Celestial Gala - Entertainer
The Chrono Conspiracy
The Colonists
The Corsair's Gambit - Pirate
The Crime Lord's Gambit - Chronicles
The Curious Case of the Cursed Artifact
The Cursed Relic
The Cursed Relic - Sorceror
The Dawn Tigers - Ransom Rescue
The Debate Club
The Enchanted Amulet
The Enigma of I.C. Williams
The Enigmatic Detective - Chronicles
The Enigmatic Exhibition - Artist
The Entrepreneur's Dilemma - Chronicles
The Ethereal Heist
The Ethereal Nexus - Mage
The Golden Peak Mystery
The Grand Illusion - Magician
The Great Exodus - Chronicles
The Haunting of Hollow House
The Haunting of Ravenwood Manor
The Honest Few - Chronicles
The Hunt for the Phantom Marauder - Bounty Hunter
The Journalist's Conspiracy - Chronicles
The Legendary Hunt - Hunter
The Lost City of Zelphia
The Lost Symphony of Aeloria
The Mayday Signal
The Mayor's Dilemma - Chronicles
The Merchant's Creed - Chronicles
The Odyssey of Merry Rose
The Phenomenon of Eddy
The President's Daughter is Missing
The Price of Gold - Earths
The Psionic Conspiracy - Psionicist
The Quantum Conundrum
The Quantum Dilemma
The Quantum Duel
The Quantum Key
The Red Rocker
The Rough Riders
The Satin Slipper
The Sea's Enigma - Sailing
The Shadowed Starport - Cargo Runner
The Shadow's Gambit - Assassin
The Silicon Conspiracy
The Starliner "Amethyst"
The Subterranean Enigma
The Timeless Heist
The Toroidal Murders
The Vault's Last Defense - Security
The Veil of Illusions
The Vigilante Entrepreneurs - Chronicles
The Widow's Cat
The Wilderness Survival Challenge
Thrust for Greatness - Chronicles
Trial of Valor - Warrior, Traditional
Twilight Trespass
Undercover Agent - Military
Underworld Alliances - Chronicles
Underworld Uprising - Chronicles
Unveiling Damascus - Earths
Urban Rumble - Warrior, Urban
Virtual Espionage - Hacker
Warhawks Unleashed - Chronicles
Warhawks: Colonel's Duty - Chronicles
Warriors of the New Age - Chronicles
Watchdogs of the Wealthy - Chronicles
When Jack Walks In
When the Shadows Whisper
White-Collar Conspiracy - Chronicles
Witness Protection Crisis - Chronicles
Worldwatch - Chronicles
Zero Gravity: Space Station Sabotage
Zero-G Espionage

A "Scenario" is a Mission in which the player assumes the role of the main character in the Mission and attempts to resolve the situation the main character finds themself in.


Most Scenarios have just one level of difficulty, but several Scenarios have multple levels of difficulty. Successfully completing one level of difficulty enables access to the next level of difficulty.

Some scenarios may also be "layered." Layered means that each time you complete the Scenario, the next time you attempt to complete, the Scenario will be more difficult to resolve.

Scenario resolutions may be straightforward, presenting an easy solution acceptable to all sides. Or, the resolution could be one-sided with all the advantages going to the resolving party leaving the other party at a disadvantage.

Some resolutions may pose a moral dilemma in which any solution will present a difficult, embarrasing or tragic consequence.

There are currently over 150 Scenarios. Any Player may play any Scenario at any time.
The Scenario list will be added to as more Scenarios are developed.

Role Scenarios
Some Scenarios are "Role Scenarios" which are Scenarios related to a particular role. These are open for any player.

Earth's Hidden History
This series of Scenarios deals with events and developments in Earth's history which may have escaped notice by the mainstream.
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