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Game Licenses Available

Players can play for free or play to earn.
To play to earn, you must buy a License below.
Players make real world income from Licenses

$1 - Table License - Own a table at a bar, restaurant or nightclub, or a food truck, machine at a laundromat, concession stand at a fair or carnival or a booth or stand at a Farmer's market or craft fair. Receive $1,000 Helvatica Dollars/Stellar Credits every real-world day for each License you own.

$5 - Plesorus Mining Frigate - High Radiation mining frigate for mining near white holes, stars and other high radiation environments. Mine ores, minerals, gasses, rare earths, elements, gems; sell on the market.

$25 - Restaurant License - Design & build your own restaurant. Receive $1,000 Helvatica Dollars per real-world day per table you  own.- See FAQ page, Tier 1 FAQ

$25 - Nightclub License - Design and profit from your own bar or nightclub. Receiv
e $1,000 Helvatica Dollars per real-world day per table you  own.

$25 - Buy an Existing Building - Buy an existing building and sell it or rent out space.

$25 - Research and Engineering Company License - Research inventions, processes, etc. Players hire you to Optimize their operations and make higher profits.
$25 - Buy a Planet - Buy an existing planet and develop, build, rent or sell land or space or use as the capital of your empire.

$100 - Production and Sales License - Produce and sell weapons, fuel, spacecraft, clothes, etc

$100 - Buy a Building Lot - Buy 12,544 square meters of land in Kila Vas to develop, sell or rent.

$100 - Building License
- Build a building, buy or lease 112m x 112m lot & build, then rent or sell your building

$250 - Starport License - Build your own starport, spaceport or any space facility anywhere. Build any amount, anywhere in the game.

$250 - Solar System Builder License - Build your own Solar System. Evolve life, build a society, use as a base for your own Star Empire or sell or rent to other players. See FAQ page, Tier 3 FAQ for details.

$1,000 - Best Buy! - StarBuilder License - Create unlimited number of solar systems. Includes  Unlimited number of Building Licenses, Unlimited number of Restaurant Licenses, 1 Hotel License, 1 Starport License, 1 Construction Company License, 1 Starship Construction Company License, 1 Engineering and Research Company License and Much More! - See FAQ page, Tier 4 FAQ for details. Licenses offered under StarBulder License cannot be sold, traded, exchanged or leased.

$10,000 - Starship Construction Company License - Design & build interstellar ships of war & sell them to other players

$10,000 - Construction Company License - Design and build buildings for yourself or other players. (Players need to hire you to build their buildings.)

$10,000 - Insurance Company License - Earn $208 every 30 days, upgrade your income by selling insurance policies to players.

$25,000 - Hotel License - Design and operate your own hotel, rent rooms to players, NPCs & game corporations. Includes Building License for each Hotel you build.

$25,000 - Small City License - Buy a Small City, Moon Mining Facility, Asteroid Mining Company, Space Station, Starport or 1,000 Store Mall and begin making money (almost) immediately. Payments of $520 a month begin 30 days after purchase. 24.96% Interest!

$100,000 - Banking License - Design, build and run your own bank. Receive deposits from other players, pay interest, make loans to players & NPCs, collect interest in USD, Euros or Pounds. Withdraw at any time. Includes one Building License. See FAQ page - Tier 7 FAQ for details.

$100,000 - Casino License - Design, build and operate your own casino. Collect bets from players & NPCs, pay out winnings, withdraw profits at any time. Includes one Building License. See FAQ page - Tier 7 FAQ for details.

$100,000 - City Section - Buy a 12,544 square kilometer section of Kila Vas, sell up to 850,000 lots at $100 USD each = $85,000,000 Or develop, build or rent.

$250,000 - Best Deal! - Ultra Game License - Receive three Tier 7 Licenses, four Tier 6 Licenses, four Tier 5 Licenses, five Tier 3 Licenses, three Tier 2 Licenses and four Tier 1 Licenses. Total for all Licenses in Game License = $441,650 - Buy Now for $250,000, use, sell or trade any of these Licenses as you decide. See FAQ page - Tier 8 FAQ for details.
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