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Maf: Starfleet Battles 

Featuring a completely player-drive economy, players can choose among a dozen roles completing missions or story lines, mining, designing, building and selling their own starships to other players, fighting NPCs or other player-characters, selling ore, equipment or weapons or choosing to FPS against other players or join in team combat on the ground or in space.

A fully procedurally-generated persistent universe ensures players occupy the same space at the same time with consistent features. Players can explore space, planets, wormholes, time fractures and rifts in space. Derelicts, space debris, relics of ancient civilizations all wait to be claimed by the resolute character who can locate these items - and then, if necessary, fight to keep them.

Who dares soar among the stars? Who chooses to fight against enemies known and unknown? Who decides to risk all they have on only a hope or a dream? And who seeks to build an empire - and defend it?


Maf: Starfleet Battles - An mmorpg in current development. Make money online, play to earn. Infinite universe, player economy. Join this online game in current development, #games, #mmorpg

Your purchase of a Game License today enables you to play the game and earn a real-world income when the game is released for play. No timeframe is yet available for public release.

Or play for free when the game becomes available.

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