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Maf:Starfleet Battles Goals

1. For players to make a real world, livable income just by playing the game, make money online

2. For the game to be comprehensive, complete, yet flexible

3. For the game to be scientifically accurate

4. For players to be able to design, build and sell or lease everything in the game

5. Players will be able to design and build their own starships, cities, factories, buildings, weapons, and even planets, moons and solar systems

6. Players are encouraged to add mods, Missions, Storylines, Epic Arcs, Quests, etc for other players

7. To be immersive, intuitive, easy to learn and easy to play. A complete online, scifi multiplayer game.

8. Yet be challenging, fun, detailed, in-depth and comprehensive. RPG, role-playing.

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