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(Select below for available Contracts)

Career - Any contract related to a role

Courier - Deliver a package from A to B

Crime - Any illegal activity

Delivery - Transport cargo from A to B

Exploration - Explore unknown area

Lost Item - Recover a lost item

Mining - Mine ore, gas, ice or mineral

Missing Person - Find the missing person

Rescue - Rescue person from danger

Retrieve - Recover an item

Salvage - Conduct salvage operation

Security - Safely escort a VIP

Survey - Survey a known unsurveyed area

Trade - Trade item A for item B

Contract Levels

Intro - Suitable for new characters

Basic - Easy requirements for completion

Standard - A regular contract for experienced characters

Advanced - Available for highly skilled and/or highly experienced characters

Contract: An agreement between a Contract Writer and Recipient.

By accepting a Contract, the Recipient agrees to complete the Terms of the Contract in exchange for the Reward offered in the Contract. Many Contracts with valuable items may require collateral presented by the Recipient in order to receive the Contract.

Contract Standings

A "Standing" is a character's level of affinity or enmity relative to another character or organization.

"Standings" range from a high of +10 to a low of -10.

Standings advance or decline at a rate of 0.1 to 0.3 at a time for completed contracts or actions taken in favor of or opposed to another character or organization.

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