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Refund and Return Policy

Game Download

You are purchasing a Digital Product. There are no returns or refunds. However, you may sell this item in-game in the Market.

Shipping Info

  • You are purchasing a Digital Product, no shipping is required. Your purchase is transferred to your in-game account upon completion of purchase. You may sell your purchase at any time in the Market.

Game License and Game Development License

The Game License is a Digital Product and may be used immediately. There are no refunds or returns for a Game License. You may sell your Game License in-game  on the market or outside of the game.

The Game Development License features a 90 day 100% refund. If you request a refund within 90 days, 100% of your funds will be refunded minus any completed or pending distributions. Including these distributions, you will receive 100% of your Asset Transfer. After 90 days, you will receive only the amount which remains in your account plus any pending distributions. By closing your account at any time after 90 days, you acknowledge the loss of your funds and forfeit any future distributions.

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