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Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks

All patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade names are issued by the Patent and Copyright Office.

Patent Definition: A government authority or license conferring a right or title for a set period, especially the sole right to exclude others from using, selling or making the product or process protected by the patent.

Types of Patents: MACOFS has established several types of patents.

Utility Patent - This the patent that people think of most often when they refer to a 'patent'. Generally a long, detailed and technical document, this document often includes images or drawings of the invention. A Utility Patent is used to teach the public how to use a certain invention, process, machine or method.

Provisional Patent - A less formal document proving that the inventor is in possession of the invention and has established how to make the invention work. Some details may need to be worked and figures, graphs and a thorough descriptions and cross references may still need to be included to obtain a Utility Patent. Filing a Provisional Patent establishes the status of "Patent Pending".

Design Patent - This patent protects a certain design, artwork, ornamental designs or artwork or similar art, ornamentation or design artifacts. Not to be confused with a Trademark which is protection offered to a legal entity recognizing a certain company or its products or services. (See below "Trademark")

Agricultural Patent - Protecting all sorts of agricultural products produced nonsexually (not in nature or by natural processes) by intelligent intervention. Many new types of agricultural products, foods and genetically modified agricultural products are covered by this patent.

Trade Patent - A very rarely granted patent, this patent can cover unique trade routes through space, trade passages such as wormholes and stargates when used primarily for trade or commerce and other trade lanes. This patent is difficult to obtain as it requires unique access from one destination to another.

Patent Extension - Unique to Kila Vas and MACOFS, this patent has been the engine of change for technological and commercial progress. This patent is based on a currently existing patent and permits the applicant to legally "steal" the existing patent. Approval of this patent and its award to an applicant - often a company or business - requires that the original patent on which the Patent Extension is based is changed or modified by no less than 20% unique and original material. When granted, the applicant must remit to the original patent holder 10% of the production unit cost for each product built and 10% of net profits for all sales of items covered by the Patent Extension or 1% of gross revenues. The holder of the Patent Extension may choose whether to remit 10% of net profits or 1% of gross revenues at their sole discretion.

All Patents have a 20 year exclusive period at the conclusion of which the invention, product or method covered by the patent moves into the public domain. Most organizations file a Patent Extension to cover their unique product for another 20 years. There is no limit to the number of Patents or Patent Extensions a person or entity may file.

Copyright Definition: The exclusive right given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film or record literary, artistic or musical material and to authorize others to do the same.

A copyright covers artwork, photos and images, graphic work, film and movies of all types, holographic and drone expressions or exhibitions, software, all types and forms of music, all print and written material, and the performance of the same.

Copyright protection extends for a period of 100 years after the originator's death.

Public domain - Public domain material is artwork, graphics, images, holograph processes, written material of all types and kinds, music, film and movies for which no copyright was ever obtained or for which the existing copyright has expired.

Material in the public domain may be used without the necessity of asking for permission to use it. Generally, Kila Vas requires that 20% of republished or reproduced public domain material include 20% original or unique content, although this standard is commonly overlooked.

MACOFS generally requires 10% of republished or reproduced public domain works include original or unique content, but as with Kila Vas, this requirement is usually not enforced.

Trademark Definition: A symbol, word or words or combination thereof legally registered or established by use as representing a company, person (often a celebrity) or product. A logo is a Trademark.

TM - This designation (Trademark) serves in a similar capacity as "Patent Pending" and is used in conjunction with the sale of products.

SM - The Service Mark designation also serves in a similar capacity as "Patent Pending" but is used in conjunction with service businesses.

R - The Registered designation indicates that the associated trademark has been officially registered with the government or governing body and secures the exclusive right to that trademark for the trademark holder. There is no expiration date for a Registered Trademark or Trade Name.

Trade Name Definition: A name that possesses the status of a trademark or a registered name by which something is known in a particular trade or profession.

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