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Making Money by Playing - $10,000 Licenses

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Tier 5 Licenses - $10,000 - includes two Game Licenses - the Starship Construction Company and the Construction Company Licenses.

Starship Construction Company - Design, build and sell starships (military spacecraft) to other players & NPCs. Spacecraft (non-military, civilian spacecraft) can be built and sold with a Production and Sales Company License.

All military starships in the game are built by a Starship Construction Company. Players seeking to explore, FPS in space, use armed freighters or cargo ships, buy fighters or other military spacecraft can only buy these vessels from a Starship Construction Company or from the Market. Starships available on the Market were originally built by a Starship Construction Company.

Income - Starships are expected to have a 100% profit margin. Selling just 1 starship a day at a price tag of $10,000,000 can mean a profit of $5,000,000 or $5 USD per day. Selling 10 starships at this price can generate earnings of $50 a day USD.

Construction Company License - All buildings and structures in the game including orbital facilities, pipelines, mines, factories, office buildings, bridges, etc. are built by a Construction Company.

A Construction Company can build an unlimited number of structures if the contractee holds a Building License.

Any player seeking to construct a building must hire a Construction Company to build it.

Income - Profit margins for a construction Company are expected to range from 50% to over 100%. Building just one building a week may generate as much as $240 USD + each week or $34.29 USD per day. With just 5 contracts, a Construction Company could generate income of $1,000 USD per week or more.

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