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Making Money by Playing - $1,000 License

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Tier 4 - StarBuilder License - $1,000 USD

The StarBuilder License is the best buy in the game. Including multiple subordinate Licenses, holders of this License can build out solar systems and whole sectors of the galaxy. Every fourth solar system created can be retained by the Builder for their own use. All other solar systems created may be occupied, held and retained by the Builder's military forces. Other players may confront the Builder with their own military forces and if they defeat the Builder, they obtain control of the solar system.

The StarBuilder License includes an unlimited number of Building Licenses, an unlimited number of Restaurant Licenses, and unlimited number of Nightclub Licenses, an unlimited number of Production and Sales Company Licenses, 1 Hotel License worth $25,000 USD, 1 Starport License worth $250 USD, 1 Construction Company License worth $10,000 USD, 1 Starship Construction Company License worth $10,000 USD and 1 Engineering and Research Construction Company License worth $25 USD. The value of the single-use Licenses is $45,275.

Subordinate Licenses included with the StarBuilder License may not be sold, leased, traded or exchanged.

Income - Impossible to calculate but perhaps the most profitable Game License available other than the Tier 8 - Ultra Game License.

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