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Making Money by Playing - $250 Licenses

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Tier 3 includes two Game Licenses at $250 per License. These are the Starport License and the Solar System Builder License.

Starport License. The Starport Licenses enables the holder to build a Space Station, Starport (military facility), orbital manufacturing or ore processing facility, spaceship (civilian) or starship (military) shipyard (construction and or repair), space city, or any orbital or space-based facility as desired. Holders have no limit on the number of facilities they may build.

Space facilities of all kinds have a base annual rental or lease rate of $10,000 per square meter per year. Players may build as many space stations, ports, orbital structures or space facilities as they choose at any location they decide.

Income - Although very difficult to calculate, each space station or starport may generate as little as $3 USD per day to over $100 USD per day for each structure or orbital platform constructed.

Solar System Builder License. Pick a location in space and design and create your own solar system.

Create your star and add planets, asteroid belts and moons, age advance or age regress your solar system to assess different effects on the central sun(s) and planets. Choose whether or not to add life and/or intelligent life on the planets.

Use as your base to build your own starnation or space empire. Must buy separate License for each Solar System. Unlimited number of Building Licenses included.

Income - Impossible to calculate, but could be $100 USD + per day when the game has reached a critical mass of players, (9,000 +).

Buy an existing Solar System from another player or from the game - when available. Build and develop, sell, trade, mine or use as you decide;

Income - Impossible to calculate, but could be $25 to over $100 USD per day when the game has reached a critical mass of players, (9,000 +).

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