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Make Money by Playing - $5 Plesorus Mining Frigate

The Plesorus Mining Frigate is the perfect ship for deep space mining in high radiation environments.

Featuring 30 days life support for one crew member, the Plesorus is a highly survivable ship featuring Type 23 static shields. Additional features include a 350 cubic meter ore hold and a 20 cubic meter cargo hold for storage of personal goods, supplies, equipment (weapons anyone?) or additional life support or other supplies as the discriminating miner may require.

Complete with two Type .7 High-Speed mining lasers, (.7 cubic meters per second each), a grappling hook with 50 meter extension range and two unshielded repair and maintenance drones, the Plesorus is a highly efficient mining vessel.

Two Sanderson Warp Drives (when one would be enough) built by Danae Atomic Engines push this puppy to over 3,500 LV. Thulmos Thrusters (built by renowned Praterhurst Industries), can manuver this ship in and around even the tightest of spots whether floating asteroids, salvagable debris, drifting space clouds or space knick-knacks.

Varsharon Energy Systems generators provide each ship with all the energy and electrical power required for deep space mining, shield generation, sensor operation, deep space communications, life support, warp functioning and manuver steerage.

The pilot/miner enjoys a compartment with all the amenities a deep space miner can use, complete pilot's monitors and controls at the front of the ship are separate and distinct from the living quarters. The living quarters feature a bunk, holoviewer, deep space communicator, shower, head, kitchenette and mini-gym. With a desk/table functioning as a map board or charting table, or for playing against the ship's AI in 3D holochess, the Plesorus has the necessary amenities a long-range prospector can use.

This premium mining frigate can be yours for just $5,000,000 Stellars, available exclusively direct by Danae Starships or any Danae Starships dealer.

Get yours today!

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