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Make Money by Playing - $100,000 Licenses

Tier 7 Licenses - $100,000

Tier 7 Licenses consist of three Game Licenses: the Bank License, Casino License and Buy a City Section.

Each Tier 7 License includes one Building License (to build your Bank or Casino), one Hotel License (Tier 6), one Tier 5 License (Starship Construction Company, Construction Company) and one Tier 3 (Starport License, Solar System Builder, Buy a Solar System) License.

Bank License - A Bank receives deposits, pays interest on those deposits and makes loans - just like in the real-world. Players who receive a loan must pay the interest on that loan to the Bank in USD, Euros, GBP or crypto.

That's how banks make money. If that was the only way, your Bank would make only a few dollars a day. But that's not how banks work, not on Earth and not on Maf.

Every deposit received by your bank can be loaned out 9 times.

Example: In the beginning the game will deposit $1,000 USD into your bank. You, as the Bank owner, can neither withdraw, trade or use this money in any way, except to loan it out. And, just as in the real-world, banks multiply their deposits by 9.

$1,000 USD is 1 billion dollars. Times 9 means you can loan out $9,000,000,000. The maximum loan you can make to any single entity - whether that be a company or a person is 10% of the bank's total deposits. Now you have just loaned out $900,000,000 credits to a single entity, at, for example's sake, 10% interest. 10% interest is $90,000,000 on an annual basis. $90,000,000 credits on an annual basis is $7,500,000 a month or $7.50 USD that must be paid to the bank in real-world dollars.

With 9 loans out, you are now making $67.50 a month in USD, Euros or GBP. This can be multiplied again by 9, equals $607,500,000 that can be loaned out and in the third month the bank will receive $135,506,000 or $135.51 USD.

In the fourth month, the bank will receive $247,298,900 or $247.30. This income will continue to grow exponentially until by the end of the first year the bank receives $3,176,015,000 or $3,176 a month.

Income - By optimizing Bank operations the bank could be receiving over $100,000 a month by the end of the second year and by the end of the third year perhaps as much as $1,000,000 USD - if the game has reached no less than 90,000 players.

Casino License - With a Casino License, a player may operate their Casino just as a real-world casino would operate.

Casinos are highly profitable. Las Vegas casinos average $1.8 million dollars in profits each day. In the game, casinos may make considerably more. How much more? How much more is a result of how the player optimizes his casino, perhaps by tweaking gaming odds and increasing the number of gaming stations and the number of players visiting your casino.

Income - Although there is no way to know for certain, a casino may make anywhere from zero to several million dollars a day. This could translate to $10 to $20 USD per day or more - and possibly much more.

Buy a City Section - A city section is 112 kilometers long and 112 kilometers wide. This equals 12,544 square kilometers of land. Approximately 80% to 85% of this land is usable equaling up to 10,662.40 square kilometers that can be developed, sold, traded or exchanged.

A Building Lot equals 12,544 square meters although these can be combined into larger lots or divided into smaller lots as the owner determines. Usable Building Lots could be number 850,000 lots per City Section.

Income - A Building Lot sells for $100 USD. Selling 850,000 lots times $100 equals $85,000,000 USD.

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