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Icon Meanings and System Security Classes

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Icon Meanings

Icons are used to designate friend or foe or neutral players or NPCs.

Green icons represent your Battle Buddies. There are 5 Battle Buddies per "team."

Battle Buddies are players who joined the game at roughly the same time as you. You may call on any Battle Buddy for assistance but they are not obligated to assist you nor are they penalized if they refuse - or just ignore you.

Nor are you required to assist a Battle Buddy if any should call on you for help or assistance. You will not be penalized if you refuse their request or simply ignore them.

Battle Rivals are 5 additional players who joined the game at roughly the same time as you, but they are your "enemies." Firing on them will not trigger a System Security response but may trigger intervention by local security forces.

Battle Rivals are designated with orange icons.

Battle Buddies and Battle Rivals are randomly selected and remain as a Battle Buddy or a Battle Rival until the closure of their account.

Red icons identify players, NPCs and pirates who are your enemies. They may be fired on at any time but only pirates may be fired on in High Security Systems without triggering System Security forces.

Firing on or destroying NPCs or players of any color in a High Security System will earn you a red icon and you can be freely targeted in any Low Security System without penalty.

Firing on players, NPCs or pirates in a Low Security System will not trigger a response from Security Forces.

Blue icons designate friendly players and NPCs.

Neutral players and NPCs are designated with yellow icons.

Some stations, ground facilities, ships and certain equipment are also designated with colored icons indicating their status. Only those stations, facilities, ships or equipment that belong to pirates or most players or most NPCs will be designated by colored icons.

Other stations, facilities, ships and equipment have no icons indicating they are of an "unknown" status. They will need to be explored, investigated or analyzed to assess their status. When this is complete, the game will assign an appropriately colored icon.

System Security

Solar systems are designated with colored icons in shades of the primary icon colors and with an alphabetical designation.

System Security Classes

A, B, C, D, F, FF, FFF, G, H, N, Z

A, B, C and D systems are all considered High Security. Any hostile action in this area by a player or player group against another player, player group or blue NPC will trigger intervention by local space security forces. Attacks in A, B and C systems may cause security forces to seek to destroy the offending party.

Low Security Systems have an "F" class designation.

G security is a region of space controlled by the InterGalactic Authority, (IGA).

These regions are set aside for players to complete specific missions related to these regions. Attacks against players completing a mission by players with a hostile mission are to be expected as are attacks by pirates.

G security regions have the AA class security rating for players not assigned to the area. The IGA will intervene and force any interfering players to withdraw from the region or, upon refusal, destroy them.

H security regions are reserved for future play.

N security is the designation representing a Neutral Zone. Neutral Zones are usually dominated by one or a handful of corporations, players or starnations who have stated their neutrality and who may or may not intervene in the event of pirate action or player attacks upon other players. These areas should be considered as F security.

Neutral Zones may also be established by treaty or may be Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) between competing starnations, NPCs, pirates, corporations or players.

Z security (Zone security) areas are those regions of space established with a clear and designated border. These areas are most often controlled by starnations or corporations and security ratings may vary from one location to another within the area covered by the Z security rating. Players, pirates and NPCs may also establish a Z security area.

Players enter Z security areas at their own risk. Z security regions may range from AA to FFF in their security rating and these ratings may change frequently. Players should always review the current security level of any Z security space before entering.

"Attack Probability" refers to the probability of attack by skilled pirates or NPCs. Pirates of lesser skill levels may attack at the F security rating.

"Intervention Probability" is the probability of intervention by system security forces.

"Speed of Intervention" refers to the average speed security forces will intervene, If they intervene.

Alphabetical Designations

Intervention Speed of

Designation Attack Probability Probability Intervention

AAA .001 % 97% 3 seconds

AA .01% 95% 5 seconds

A .1 % 90% 10 seconds

B 20 % 85% 15 seconds

C 40 % 65% 25 seconds

D 65 % 50% 35 seconds

F 80 % 0% N/A

FF 95 % 0% N/A

FFF 99 % 0% N/A

The planet Maf to the orbit of the first moon is designated A security from 1988 to 1994. From the orbit of the first moon to the last moon is designated B.

From 1994 to 2000, Maf is designated AA to the distance of the last moon.

From 2000 onward, the Maf solar system is designated AAA.

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