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How Does a Game License Work?

How does a Game License work?

The purchase of any Game License now or after the game becomes available to play will go to help developers create and maintain the game.

Players purchasing a Game License recognize that Game License do not begin generating an income until after the game becomes public and downloadable, and that they must download the free game and begin playing.

At that time, the income generated by a Game License will be proportionate to the value of the Game license purchased.

Players receive greater income by optimizing the operations covered by their Game License, purchasing additional Game Licenses or acquiring assets that include a Game License.

The ladder pricing of Game Licenses ranging from $1 dollar USD to $250,000 dollars USD enable players to enter the game at any level they find affordable, test the game for playability, assess how fun the game is to play, and approximate how much income their Game Licenses will generate as they play and into the future.

Generally, the income potential of an upper-level Game License is limited only by the imagination of the player owning that License.

Play-testing suggests that incomes of over $1,000,000 USD per year are possible using the three highest-priced Game Licenses, optimizing the performance of those Licenses and/or by multiplying the number of Game Licenses owned.

Initially, players purchasing a Game License will need to be patient and wait until the Game prototype becomes available as a free game download. Income will begin at this point, but many glitches are expected and anticipated as players play the game, operate their Game Licenses and apply stresses to the game servers, website and network.

As the game moves from the Alpha phase to subsequent phases, game income is expected to rise and gaming glitches are anticipated to decrease dramatically.

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