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Get Paid to Play - $1 USD Table License

Get paid to Play - $1.00 USD Table License

Get a $1 USD Table Game License and get paid $1,000 Helvatica Dollars for each table you own every real world day.

The $1 dollar Table License is Maf: Starfleet Battles' introductory Game License. Buy a Table License and locate your table or bar stool (a bar stool must be located at the main bar, not a table or side bar) at any game or NPC restaurant, bar or nightclub or request a location at any player-owned facility.

The Table License also includes any outdoor booth or food stand, truck or merchant table or an indoor location for a table or booth at a Farmer's Market, mall, concert or sports event.

The game pays $1,000 Helvatica Dollars per real world day for each location you own. A separate Table License is required for each location.

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