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Crime Boss and Empire Builder

Crime Boss and Empire Builder

The Empire Builder role is an advanced role for Level 5 or higher level players.

The Crime Boss role begins at Level 1, but gains greater benefits and abilities at Level 5.

Crime Boss - The Crime Boss makes his living through a life of crime.

At Levels 1 through 4, the Crime Boss may only engage in fencing (receiving and reselling stolen property) (up to $25,000 per item), extortion ("persuading" people and small businesses to give him money), "protection" extorting small businesses to protect them from mishaps (usually caused by the Crime Boss), killing rivals, stealing, ransomware, software scams, software gambling scams and stealing, prostitution (managing people to engage in sexual activity and taking a cut of the profits) (maximum of 10 prostitutes) and money laundering (receiving "dirty money" or his own "dirty money" and passing it through legitimate businesses to make it clean) (receiving a maximum of $1,000,000 every 10 days).

At Level 5, the Crime Boss acquires the ability to bribe politicians, partner with big business, kidnapping for power or profit, buy real estate at a sharp discount (equal to their negotiation skill), expand prostitution to unlimited levels, money laundering to an unlimited amount, unlimited fencing, unlimited protection, conspiracy, drugs (buying and reselling and/or manufacture, distribution and sales), assassinations, expand kidnapping to unlimited levels for any purpose, forgery, and any other activity that the player may decide upon.

Empire Builder - For Advanced Players (Level 5 and higher) only.

The purpose of the Empire Builder is to build a star empire.

The Empire Builder begins with a continent-sized planetary nation, with 1 billion population and treasury holdings of 1 billion credits in cash.

Your job is to divide up your $1,000,000,000 into ground forces and space forces.

Then, using these forces, conquer your neighbors - if so desired, or spend the bulk of your money on space forces and begin expanding outward to the stars.

1 billion dollars won't go very far and you will need to find a way to create an annual budget that will support your ambitions.

Ways to Increase National Income

1. Increase Taxes

2. Participate in the Economy

3. Direct Loans

4. Print Money

  1. Increase Taxes - Increasing taxes is a limited solution for a persistent challenge. Without revenue, a government can't function. Most governments resolve this challenge through the implementation of taxes, but taxes that are too high will prove detrimental to the growth of the economy and if taxes are raised too high, may lead to a recession.

  2. Participate in the Economy - Participating in the economy is prohibited by most governments and for those who allow it, has had mixed results. Those countries for whom participation have failed are those governments that seek to micromanage their participation and their investments in the economy. For these nations for whom participation has been successful, a hands-off approach, often allowing professional managers to manage their investments, has proven most fruitful. Participation may include creating a national company and competing equally with other businesses in the marketplace, buying the stock of high-dividend paying stock, buying profitable real estate, and establishing a national trust fund that accepts donations from the public and reinvests those proceeds into other areas of profit.

  3. Direct Loans - Another approach that is prohibited by most governments is that of making direct loans to the economic sector. Some nations allow this approach, and as with "Participate in the Economy" the results of this approach have been mixed, and for the same reason. Where the government has sought to micromanage its involvement in loans, the results are often disastrous and the overall economy has suffered as a result. Nations taking a hands-off approach and directing those loans only into infrastructure projects or loans to businesses for them to build manufacturing facilities or infrastructure have proven successful. Loans for consumer goods or consumer projects have only increased inflation.

  4. Print Money - Printing money is always wrong and always leads to inflation. Inflation will occur in 1, 2 or 3 years and will most often equal the amount in percent by which the money supply was expanded. This approach may cause a recession which will prove detrimental to the economy and to the overall health of the nation. Inflation pushes the price of goods and services to the level of inflation meaning the price of goods and services after the inflationary period will be approximately equal to prices in real terms before the inflationary period.

A fifth option is a required option for the Empire Builder role. This is to conquer or acquire territory. Whether on ground or in space or both, acquiring or conquering territory will increase population, increase tax revenues and possibly expand natural resources by the acquisition of other territory.

Central Banking - On Earth, most nations utilized a central banking approach to banking. This is when a national bank owned by the government (or semi-owned by the government) monitors and regulates money exchange between banks, monitors and regulates activity of banks and between banks and extraterritorial banks and countries and regulates and monitors the money supply in the economy.

The "Original Colonists" believed this system was too prone to error, irresponsive to economic issues and too prone to interference and take-over by the government, greedy individuals, corrupt politicians or big business. Instead, on Maf and in most of the KVUSOI (Kila Vas Universal Sphere of Influence) (the nations influenced by MACOFS military, political or economic interests), banks are generally allowed to regulate their own money supply, print their own money (although now all digital), and compete against each other in interest rates for their customers, all under a strict banking code. This system has proven to flatten out the business cycle, makes recessions shallower and shorter and enhances national GDP and business and economic activity.

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