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Maf - The World's Greatest Game

Maf is the largest planet in the Allotrox star system in the Snickers galaxy.

An anomaly, due its size, it is the home of Kila Vas, the most populous city in known space.

In Chapter 3: Maf: Starquest, players may choose a character originating from any of the over 500 starnations or over 700 planetary governments - or any other region - in the game.

Maf features 3 chapters. Each chapter builds on the previous.

1. Maf: Starfleet Battles covers game years 1988 to 2000. 1988 is just one year after World War 3 had devasted the continent with over 1 billion casualties, destroying nations, giving birth to others. This chapter introduces players to the game and builds out the universe for the more advanced chapters. 

All players enter the game in Maf: Starfleet Battles honing their character, determining whether to keep their character or to create another, or add additional characters to their account.

This chapter emphasizes the initial forays and exploration of space and first encounters with alien civilizations.

2. Maf: Empires covers the years 2000 to 2020. From 2000 to 2007 is the era of the New World Maf Government (NWMG), the first experiment in a planetary society uniting over 300 nations on several continents which had fought on both sides of WW3. 

This didn't go well. Internal strife, dissension and national and special interests threatened to tear the NWMG apart into civil war. Instead the nation was dissolved and on January 1, 2007, the nation of MACOFS (Maf Confederation of Free Societies) was born - the first true star-spanning nation on Maf.

Players explore the galaxy and have the option of venturing beyond to other nearby galaxies.

3. Maf: Starquest. Prepare for the ultimate adventure in “Maf: Starquest,” the advanced stage of the game where your decisions shape the present and future of the Maf universe in real-time. Dive into a world of player-driven world-building, interstellar politics, and dynamic galactic events.


After battling enemies near and far, crafting empires or corporations, building or destroying alliances, all players unite on the single server game.

Real-Time Gameplay:
In “Maf: Starquest,” the game is always in motion. Your interactions, decisions, and events occur continuously, evolving the storyline dynamically.

Shape the Game World:
Players can influence the game’s lore, politics, and economics. Create new starnations, corporations, and planets. Your actions and choices are pivotal in shaping the game world.

Interact with Other Players:
Collaborate, compete, and form alliances with other players. Your interactions drive the game’s progression, leading to new challenges and opportunities.

Galactic Events:
Dynamic galactic events, triggered by player actions or external factors, reshape the game world, providing fresh challenges and experiences.

Game Evolution:
“Maf: Starquest” is an ever-evolving game. Its storylines, challenges, and objectives change over time. The game’s direction is determined by players, making every moment an opportunity to leave your mark on the universe.

Join Today in the incredible journey of “Maf: Starfleet Battles,” “Maf: Empires,” and “Maf: Starquest.” Explore, engage, and evolve in a vibrant and immersive gaming experience where history, character development, and player interactions come together to create an unforgettable adventure. We can’t wait to see you in the Maf universe!

Begin now and shape your future: Maf: Starfleet Battles

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