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The great ship attempted to slow as the onboard computers detected a huge planet several light years away. 

Aboard, were over 300,000 refugees of "Old" Earth, fleeing before the wars of the early 21st century ravaged the planet, possibly destroying it and all civilization. These "refugees," later to be known as the "Original Colonists," believed they may be all that remained of Earth's civilization, society, history, culture and customs.

Entering the atmosphere, the great ship, the "Ark Royal," never engineered to descend to a planet's surface, blazed like a tremendous comet. As it crashed into the ocean 280 miles east of the nearest landfall, portions of the ship broke off, other sections were crushed, 3,000 people were killed.

The tsunami it generated caused the death of hundreds and thousands more on the coast.

100 years later, the "Original Colonists" have built an empire that spans the stars, fighting, seizing, and destroying anything that stands in their way. Their wealth is unimaginable, buildings in their capital city - Kila Vas - soar hundreds of stories high, their fighting starships are powerful weapons of war, while captains of industry, bankers, casino owners, planet builders and Starfleet Captains all vie for a glory only they can imagine.

Maf: Starfleet Battles is a multiplayer online game - mmorpg - built for players, by players. Gamers take part in Quests, wars, FPS or building the game or creating mods. Play this scifi role playing game.

Players can earn a real-world livable income by playing the game, make money from home, make money online.

Welcome to Maf: Starfleet Battles - one of the most powerful games in the world

Your purchase of a Game License today enables you to play the game and earn a real-world income when the game is released for play. No timeframe is yet available for public release.

Or play for free when the game becomes available.

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