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Earn 20% to 75% on each sale or add 5% more with your own website, YouTube channel or social media page.

Earn 100% on each $25 Game License sale.*



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Maf: Starfleet Battles

Earn from $25 to up to $50,000 with your own website or social media channel on each sale. Get paid by direct deposit 7 days after every sale. Some terms apply.

Easier Sale? - Sell A Game Development License

Game Development Licenses pay $24.96% annual interest for the person who buys it.

A $25,000 Game Development License pays $520 every month.

The $100,000 Game Development License receives monthly payments of $2,080.

The $250,000 Game Development License will pay $5,200 each month.

And the $1,000,000 Game Development License will pay $20,800 each month.

For each Game Development License you sell you will receive 7.5% commission or buy for yourself at a 7.5% discount. 

Learn more here
or Contact us to sell a Game Development License.

*$25 Game License Conditions

You may sell a $25 Game License only upon the following conditions and restrictions.

Sell one $100 Game License and receive authority to sell one $25 Game License.

For every $250 Game License you sell you may sell three $25 Game Licenses.

Sell one $1000 Game License and receive the authority to sell five $25 Game Licenses
If you sell one $10,000 Game License you may sell forty (40) $25 Game Licenses.

Each $25,000 Game License you sell earns you the right to sell 100 $25 Game Licenses.

Every $100,000 Game License you sell grants the right to sell 500 $25 Game Licenses.

And every $250,000 Game License you sell enables you to sell 1,475 $25 Game Licenses.


35 Bates Street, North Brookfield, MA 01535

Terms and Conditions

Your Channel

PG13, easy to navigate, link to our pages


$25 to $37,500 or up to $50,000

Get Paid

7 days after each sale

Partner With Us - Earn up to $50,000

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