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Get $520 Every Month - Tax Free*
Monthly Payments


Before purchasing a Game Development License below,

please read the following carefully.

24.96% Interest
$25,000 to $1,000,000
Tax Free

Maf: Starfleet Battles is the only game that pays you to play, but now, you don't even  have to play to get paid.

A Game Development License is a Game License that ranges in price from $25,000 to $1,000,000 and will pay you 24.96% interest beginning 30 days after your purchase and continue for as long as you keep your account open.

How Do We Pay 24.96% Interest?

50% of your purchase is set aside and reserved in an account to pay you your monthly interest payments for the first 24 months. Your payments will continue indefinitely after 24 months as long as there are enough players in the game and an in-game market has formed from player activity. We don't expect this will be a problem.

Player activity should generate enough monetary value to fund the game at the levels we anticipate, meaning you keep getting paid your 24.96% interest indefinitely.

What Are the Risks?

As you may expect, the risks are substantial, but in our view, manageable.

Your first 24 months of payments are essentially, but not 100%, guaranteed. 50% of your purchase remains in an account to fund the first 24 months of your interest payments.

The other 50% of your contribution goes toward game development.

Game developers estimate they will have a playable prototype of the game available for download within 2 to 6 months after receipt of your contribution.

Maf: Starfleet Battles and all future chapters, mods and releases is designed to provide a real-world income for active players.

After accounting for the portion of revenues designated to active players, in-game income should be, but is not guaranteed, to provide enough revenue to assure your continued monthly payments indefinitely.

Of course, there are many unforeseen risks that could impact the game and your receipt of monthly income: War, economic collapse within or without (real-world) the game, pandemics, plagues, asteroid strikes, worker strikes, legal hazards, governmental interference, tax issues, etc. Any number of potential issues could arise to circumvent your monthly income. 

You need to be aware of and comfortable with all of the above and any and all unforeseen risks associated with the game's ability to render monthly payments.

The Mechanics

Game Development License or $25,000 Small City License

Step 1 is to purchase a Small City License or a Game Development License.

The Small City License is your entry to the world of Maf and enables you to play the game as well as receive an assured monthly income (barring the aforementioned and other unforeseen risks).

A Game Development License is available for those who do not want to play the game, but just want to receive a monthly income. Prices for a Game Development License range from $25,000 USD to $1,000,000 USD with additional price points under consideration.

See below to purchase a License and or to ask us a question.

Step 2 is the paperwork behind your purchase.

You are making an "Asset Transfer" to the Kearsedge Boston Group - a registered Business Trust. Kearsedge Boston is the parent company of Mafgames which publishes Maf: Starfleet Battles.

By making this "Asset Transfer," you become both the "Grantor" and the "Beneficiary" of the Trust.

As the Beneficiary, you are now entitled to receive monthly payments on your donation equivalent to 24.96% annual interest.

* Tax Free

What many would consider the best part of a Game Development License or a Small City License (and any of its iterations), is that income derived from these Licenses is tax free until you have received 100% of your initial Asset Transfer. 

Tax Free Indefinitely

You can continue to receive tax free income indefinitely by purchasing additional Game Development Licenses or additional Small City Licenses. The more you purchase, the longer you will receive tax free payments.

For more information regarding tax free payments, see Tax Free in the Terms and Conditions below.

Stacking Licenses and Laddering Licenses

Stacking Licenses is to purchase several Licenses at once or over a short period of time in order to increase your monthly income.

You may also build a "License Ladder" in which you buy another License when the previous License expires.

If you have the means, you may wish to consider both options to maximize your income over a greater length of time.

Ponzi Scheme?

This is not a Ponzi Scheme.

Everyone knows what a Ponzi Scheme is.

A Ponzi Scheme is a fraud in which one individual claims that a person can make an investment and receive huge returns for little risk.

Ponzi Schemes pay previous investors with the proceeds derived from later investors. Because of this a Ponzi Scheme will always collapse sooner or later, regardless of how good it looks on paper, regardless of the promises made to the investor and regardless of how consistent your initial proceeds may be. With a Ponzi Scheme the only true guarantee is that it will fail.

We don't do that. This is not a Ponzi Scheme.

Your Asset Transfer is allocated to an account set aside for Asset Transfers.

You may review your account, your balances, your transactions and your payments and distributions at any time.

You may also review the Game Development section of the general books of the company to assure we are acting in good faith with your interests at heart. Names of Grantors will not be disclosed, but total Asset Transfer amounts will be available, as will total Beneficiary distributions.

50% of your Asset Transfer is dedicated to repayment of your Asset Transfer providing you with a 24 month cushion of distributions.

Economic activity in the game is expected to fully provide for the full repayment of your Asset Transfer, plus generate income for other players, and provide for profit for the


Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

We provide a 90 day 100% refund minus any completed or pending distributions. Including these distributions, you will receive 100% of your Asset Transfer if you request a refund within 90 days.

Asset Transfer

Your Asset Transfer establishes you as a Grantor and a Beneficiary of the Trust.


90 days marks the timeframe when you are fully vetted as a Beneficiary. 

To close your account you acknowledge that you will relinquish any claim to and forfeit any future distributions that may be due you.

Closing your account terminates your status as a Beneficiary and you will no longer be eligible to receive distributions.

You may reopen your account at any time by purchasing another Game Development License or by purchasing the $25,000 Small City License.


Distributions begin 30 days after your purchase of a Game Development License or the $25,000 Small City License. 

* Tax Free

Your monthly distributions are tax free up to 100% of the value of your original, or subsequent Asset Transfers.

Distributions to you in excess of 100% of the total of your Asset Transfers are taxable as normal income at your nominal tax rate. Neither Mafgames nor Kearsedge Boston will deduct taxes from any distributions you receive. You are responsible for paying any and all of your own taxes.


Risks are high and include war, economic distress in the United States or other locations across the globe or a localized or worldwide economic collapse, inflation, terrorist activity, pandemic, plague, the game being unable to meet its goals, not enough players, limited or no in-game economic activity or any number of other possible and unforeseen risks.

In the event of a risk occuring, the game will attempt to return all of your Asset Transfer as rapidly as possible, but you acknowledge that up to 100% of your Asset Transfer may be lost and unrecoverable.


By purchasing a Game License or a Game Development License you acknowledge that you will not hold the game or any of its officers, employees or agents, or any subsidiary, affiliated organization or parent company liable for any losses you may sustain from your Asset Transfer.

Company Profit

The company earns a profit from player economic activity within the game, by selling items and commodities in-game and by selling Game Licenses and Game Development Licenses.

The game maintains in-game corporations which compete with players in the sale of various items including ores, minerals, rare earths, gasses, spacecraft, equipment, weapons, shields, munitions, starships, et al. 

Sales of in-game items by in-game corporations or entities owned by the game will generally be no less than 100% of average market pricing and may, in some cases, exceed or substantially exceed average market prices. Players will often be able to undercut sales prices of their goods compared to the same goods and commodities sold by game-owned entities. Exceptions to this may occur from time to time.

Buy Game License and Game Development Licenses

Buy $25,000 Small City License - Click on any below to buy

Each of these pays $520 a month in USD or USD equivalent beginning 30 days after purchase.

Information about $25,000 Small City Licenses

Buy a Game Development License

  • Buy $1,000 Game Development License - Pays $20.80 monthly - Coming soon

  • Buy $5,000 Game Development License - Pays $100 monthly - Coming soon

  • Buy $10,000 Game Development License - Pays $208 monthly - Coming soon

  • Buy $25,000 Game Development License - Pays $520 monthly

  • Buy $100,000 Game Development License - Pays $2080 monthly

  • Buy $250,000 Game Development License - Pays $5,200 monthly

  • Buy $1,000,000 Game Development License - Pays $20,800 monthly

  • Buy $2,500,000 Game Development License - Pays $52,000 monthly

  • Buy $10,000,000 Game Development License - Pays $208,000 monthly

  • Buy $20,000,000 Game Development License - Pays $416,000 monthly

  • Buy $50,000,000 Game Development License - Pays $1,040,000 monthly

  • Buy $100,000,000 Game Development License - Pays $2,080,000 monthly

Licenses above are payable in United States dollars but we also accept payments in Euros, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound, Hungarian forint, New Zealand dollar, Romanian leu, Singapore dollar and Turkish lira. To pay in any of these currencies, please request a payment link stating the amount you wish to pay and we will send you a payment link.

Upon purchase, please provide your email and we will send you the documents required to get you started.

The purchase of a Game Development License does not allow you to play the game, these Licenses are solely to provide funding for game development and to provide monthly income to purchasers. If you desire to play the game, please buy a Game License. If you wish to play the game and get a monthly distribution, please purchase the $25,000 Small City License in any of its iterations above.

Buy any Game Development License above and receive distributions as indicated. Payments will continue indefinitely or until you close your account, the game closes operation, or any risk factor, whether foreseen or unforeseen, interrupts distributions, limits or reduces distributions or terminates distributions.

Distributions are tax free up to the amount of your Asset Transfer. Distributions in excess of your total Asset Transfer amount are fully taxable at your nominal tax rate.

By purchasing a Game License or a Game Development License you acknowledge that you will not hold the game or any of its officers, employees or agents, or any subsidiary, affiliated organization or parent company liable for any losses you may sustain from your Asset Transfer.

Contact us regarding these Licenses by filling out the form below.

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