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Tier 3

Tier 1

Restaurant License (Receive real-world income from Patron-Players.)

Or Engineering and Research Company License

(Research new processes, patents, etc.)

Or Buy an existing building to sell or lease

Or Nightclub License

Or Buy one Planet

Or $25 Donation

See FAQ page - Tier 1 FAQ for details

$25 USD

Tier 3

Starport License*A


Or Solar System License

Or Buy a Solar System

Or $250 Donation

See FAQ page - Tier 3 FAQ for details

$250 USD

Tier 2

Production and Sales License (Sell products, ore, spacecraft, equipment, weapons, et al to players)

Building License *B - Buy a lot and build a building for sale or lease. Rent office space, retail space or apartments.

Buy a Building Lot - Buy a 112-meter x 112-meter (12,544 sq meters) empty lot in Kila Vas. Use to build, sell or lease.

Or $100 Donation


​See FAQ page - Tier 2 FAQ for details

​$100 USD

Tier 4

Best Buy! - StarBuilder License

  • May create and build any number of solar systems

  • Each solar system must be completely developed and fully evolved

  • Build 4 Solar Systems, keep one for yourself, (Must build at least 4)

Your own Solar System includes:

  • Unlimited number of Building Licenses

  • Unlimited number of Restaurant Licenses

  • Unlimited number of Production and Sales Licenses

  • 1 Hotel License

  • 1 Starport License

  • 1 Construction Company License

  • 1 Starship Construction Company License

  • 1 Engineering and Research Company License

Licenses offered under a StarBuilder License cannot be sold, traded or exchanged.

 OR  $1,000 Donation

See FAQ page - Tier 4 FAQ for details

$1,000 USD

*A - Grants authority for player to build a starport, starbase or any space-based structure at any location in game.

*B - Grants authority to build a building and buy or lease 112 meter x 112 meter lot from game or a player to build. Player may design building only. Player must hire Construction Company to construct each building.

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