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Buying Ships?

Maf: Starfleet Battles is considering offering the direct purchase of starships and spacecraft. Each military spacecraft pricing tier includes civilian spacecraft of an equivalent weight classification.

These purchases will be based on Game Tiers according to the following schedule:

$25 - Tier 1




$100 - Tier 2


$250 - Tier 3


$1,000 - Tier 4


$10,000 - Tier 5


$25,000 - Tier 6


$100,000 - Tier 7


$250,000 - Tier 8

Assault Carrier

Assault Carrier

The Masite class Assault Carrier (CVK) is currently the largest production starship built by MACOFS. Avenger class (Destiny class) battlecruisers are larger at 3,000 miles long but are special run ships.

The Masite is specifically designed to carry an assault force into orbit around a planet that is being assaulted.

A Masite CVK carries 700,000 troops with a crew of 150,000, 40 standard cruisers, 4,000 dropships, 4,016 fighters, and 5,000 ASSC (AeroSpace Sea Craft) craft for air superiority across the planet.

Numerous ground vehicles are also onboard with number, classes and types dependent upon the type of mission planned and the anticipated forms and degree of resistance. Up to 10,000 ground vehicles can be carried.

The Masite CVK remains in production with approximately one being completed every four months. Danae Starship Engineering holds the sole contract for Masite carriers.

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