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Advanced Tutorials

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

When new players have completed the 5 required Training Tracks, they then have the option of entering and playing the game immediately or advancing through additional Advanced Tutorials. Game AI (Executive Officer or Ship's Computer), will assist players throughout the Advanced Tutorials.

Moving through and completing an Advanced Tutorial will provide the player with additional skills, experience and rewards depending on the Tutorial. Completing these Advanced Tutorials requires the player to complete three Missions within that Tutorial. Players may, however, exit the Tutorial at any time, but they will not receive the rewards for players who complete the Tutorial.

Completed Advanced Tutorials may provide rewards such as ships, weapons, or equipment depending upon that Tutorial. The completion of any Tutorial (or portion thereof) will always accord the player Stellar Credits, experience points (to level up) and Skill Points (to apply to existing or new skills).

Advanced Tutorials are based on Roles the players may assume.

Players are not required to complete any Advanced Tutorials. These tutorials are provided solely to further enhance a Player's skills and experience, accumulate weapons or ships and acquire Stellar Credits. Players may complete - or partially complete - any number of advanced Tutorials as they choose.

Business - Player receives one active, registered corporation and 10 million Stellar Credits. Player will be taught how to buy at wholesale and sell retail on the Market, how to buy and sell a business on the Market, buy and sell real estate and how to locate and rent a residence or how to buy a plot of land, design a home and buy a residence on that land.

Industrialist - Establish a generalized factory (low efficiency), on rented land, buy blueprints and raw materials from the Market, use minerals and ores to produce metals and list these for sale on the Market, buy a 1 run blueprint copy with 3 units of a spacecraft, build the spacecraft and list it to sell on the Market if so desired - or keep one or all three, and buy one blueprint copy for a 1 run copy of 3 units of drones and how to list these on the market to sell when complete - or keep.

Miner - In addition to the Mining player's starting mining frigate, in this Advanced Tutorial, the Mining player will receive one additional drone mining frigate, two mining drones, one long range stationary sentry drone for protection, two fighter drones (small drones) and one Fighter drone. The Mining player will be provided the coordinates to a lucrative mining location and using the two mining Frigate, mine the required ores from asteroids in the region. Pirates will always attack, player-characters will not attack. When mining is completed, the Mining player will be instructed how to recover all drones and order the Mining Frigate and Fighter Drone to follow the player back to a station where the player will dock, repair any damage to his shop or drones, and list the mined ores on the market.

Explorer - The player entering this Advanced Tutorial will be instructed how to fit his frigate for Exploration modules and assigned to research a region of unknown space. This region of space could hold a black hole (do not enter), a rogue (wandering) planet, a white hole spewing energy and matter, a derelict space station or spaceship (civilian or military), a nebula, scene of a battle, interstellar asteroid, unusual rings around a planet, etc. Player will be instructed how to survey these artifacts, analyze the results and report the results back to the corporation or government that sent the player. Upon completion of this Tutorial, player will receive an advanced Exploration Frigate specialized to optimize exploration.

Land Owner - Player will be instructed how to locate raw land in Kila Vas in the "trend" - direction of real estate development, how to negotiate to lower the selling price of that property then how to list that land on the Market for maximum profits. Upon completion of this Tutorial player will receive a 112 meter by 580 meter (5 blocks) tract of undeveloped land near active development in Kila Vas. Player will also be instructed how to locate residential property on the market, negotiate for the optimum price and either resell it on the Market or use it as a private residence. Player also receives an entry-level space yacht.

Bounty Hunter - In this Tutorial, player will receive a frigate fitted out for speed and with the cargo hold turned into a brig. Player will be instructed how to contact a station Bounty Agent for assignment to capture an NPC. Player will be instructed how to track down a person, interview contacts, retrace paths, search for possible evidence and when caught, how to return the prisoner to the assigning Agent.

Starfleet Captain - Upon completion of the Training Track, the player is promoted in rank and receives an entry level cruiser to command. Player will be assigned to three missions which could be any three of; ridding an area of pirates, Exploration (see above) but with a difference in that the Captain may be assigned to pure exploration to generate more space for the game, Bounty Hunting, leading a ground assault with a 5-man team (Captain + 4), raiding a space station, capturing a ship, or holding a captured ship or station from an assault team. In all these cases, pirates will attack.

Fighter Pilot - Player is recruited into Starfleet and assigned a fighter. These are low-tech fighters appropriate for the game and player level. The player may be assigned to rid a region of pirates, accompany a frigate or cruiser on an Exploration or Pirate mission, accompany an Entry-level player and help protect them from pirates or raid a protected space station. The use of missiles, rockets, railguns, lasers, plasma weapons and mines will be taught. player will need to purchase these additional weapons and their appropriate ammunition from the market. Upon completion of this tutorial, player is given a corvette.

Smuggler - A Station Agent will contact the player for a "special" mission. The Agent will inform the player that they will receive a frigate stripped of armor and shields but fitted out with extra powerful engines and filled with secret panels and bays of various sizes to securely (probably) hide "certain" items from scrutiny by police, inspectors or customs officials. The items to be smuggled will be securely held in a corporation's or government vault. Player will be instructed how to break into the vault without (hopefully) triggering an alarm (this will not always be successful). Items to smuggle may be any of the following: prototypes, blueprints, weapons, equipment or specialized tools. Player will keep the smuggler frigate upon completion of this Tutorial.

Assassin - Player will be contacted by a corporation, government or Station Agent to eliminate a rival. Player will be provided with specialized sniper weapons and may request other personal weapons (up to 5), as desired without charge from the assignor. Player will be instructed how to track and follow their target, how to ensure the target's identity, how to identify patterns, locate the target's private residence, and locate conditions for the perfect long-range sniper or the player may use a knife or close-in weapon (poison-tipped needle, etc.) for an "in-your-face" assassination. Player will receive credits appropriate for the mission. An "in-your-face" is risky as police, security personnel, assertive civilians, security devices and robots, all may interfere or attempt to capture the assassin. If captured, the player will be tried and spend time in jail.

Espionage Officer - Players are assigned a mission and taught how to surreptitiously enter a corporate office or government office without being caught (hopefully), how and where to place espionage devices (mini-cameras, mini-microphones, air sniffers, analyzers, etc.), without these devices being discovered and how to egress the area when the assignment is fulfilled. player then takes the items or data to the assignor. Upon completion, players receive an upgraded frigate and a 100 square meter habitat of their choice either in a building in Kila Vas, aboard a space craft or aboard a space station.

Assault Team Leader - This role will require the player to assume control of 4 NPCs and lead them to assault a location to clear it of enemies. Player Team Leader will need to assign roles and weapons appropriate for that NPC to, in their best estimation, successfully complete the mission. This could be during the day or at night and require optics appropriate for the time of day. Team Leader must also acquire and assign body armor and attire appropriate to the skills and objective of the Mission. Mission may occur at the front of a battle, behind enemy lines, within a building, underground, underwater, in space or aboard a space craft.

Crime Boss - Do you have what it takes to be a Crime Boss? Can you build an empire based on crime? Can you bribe, forge, fence, kill, extort, steal your way to being the biggest Crime Boss on the planet? The Crime Boss begins with $5,000,000, 4 lieutenants, 4 enforcers and 4 apprentices. See Crime Boss and Empire Builder blog post for more details.

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